Those Willing To Give
Why Join Believe 14?

        Believe 14 designed an easy to use online tool to see those children, families, individuals in desperate need within your own local community. The website allows you a quick way to select the family or person you, or your company have decided to help.

Why Join?
        People all around your town are in desperate need. They are struggling, no family to help them through their personal trial or valley. Often it’s not much that our fellow neighbors need…but this is the time for all of us to do our part, and extend a loving, caring hand. We’ve all been there and now is the time for those of us, whom have compassion and a willing heart to give back.

The Mission:
The mission of Believe 14 is to impact our nation one person or family in need and hurting at a time; all of us doing our individual small part. We intend to revolutionize how people in need are helped. When you participate in this unselfish gift giving process, many great things happen.

The Person in Need:
A. The person in need that you chose to help will be encouraged immediately!
B. The person you help will start to break through the dark clouds in their minds, from the hope you have given along with the compassion and the kindness you have shown.
You, myself and all those participating:
A. Our unselfish, generous gifts of time and resources will motivate you to do more, touch more lives and provide a feeling of joy that you only get when helping others.
B. Your children, family, company, employees, members, and total strangers, will all witness your acts of kindness and be inspired. You will inspire others to help others.
C. The appreciation, gratitude, tears of joy you receive, will inspire you to share the Believe 14 Mission with others that have means thereby further continuing this mission of responsibility and concern for our local neighbors and community.

The Privilege:
        Give and it shall be given back to you; become an active participant and not just a bystander and walk in the great privilege of helping those in need. Your acts of kindness will be viral; by word and through the internet thereby participating in the privilege of spreading these acts of generosity.

        You as an individual or your company, group, organization will start the process of shifting the atmosphere in your local town or community. Lives on both sides of the equation will be touched and changed forever.

Together we have the opportunity to change lives “One Story at a Time”

Individual Membership

Dear participant,

        As a free individual participant you have the opportunity to not only be a blessing to someone in need, you also have the opportunity to change your life! There are millions of people in need and we BELIEVE just as many that would love to help someone in need. The problem is, how do you find them, who are they, what do they need, and how can you help? Welcome to Believe14! You now have the opportunity to register and view stories of people in need for free. When you find a story that touches your heart and that you feel you can help, simply send them a message and offer them your hand. You choose whom you want to help and what you are able to do.

        This section was created because we know there are millions of people with compassion, a desire to make a difference in their community and help those in need. We also know that you may not have any money to donate. That is perfectly ok and this is the cool part. You can help with what resources you do have. Let’s suppose you don’t have money to give but you have a little girl or boy that has out grown their clothes. You become a member of Believe 14 and find a single mother that has a need for the size you are getting rid of. You can send her a message telling her you have clothes for her. You just made an impact on her and her child’s life! Then come’s the really neat part. You, giving her the clothes! The moment that happens your day, week, month, and year just got a little brighter. You just helped someone in need with what you freely had available to you! Then at the same time inspired others to do the same, and impacted your life all in one positive action. That act of compassion cost you nothing because you could no longer use those clothes anyway. Why wouldn’t you want to be a blessing to someone else? The things you can do are endless. Maybe you make it a family project with your children.

        Believe 14 provides an opportunity for anyone to be a blessing to someone in need. Everyone has something to offer and with your help we can make a difference. We ask that you check out the businesses and groups that are participating in your area and patronize their establishments. You literally can be some body’s blessing and maybe SOMEONES MIRACLE!

Thank you for your participation.

Business/Group Memberships

Dear Business owner and Group participants,

        You have a tremendous opportunity to partner with Believe 14 (B14) to impact lives in your area, while at the same time promoting your business or group in a way that has never been done before. B14 is designed to help those in need and give local businesses, groups, and individuals the opportunity to meet those needs. If you are looking to help those in need, and at the same time grow your business, promote your group, or just inspire others to do something cool, then Believe 14 is the only platform that offers you these options.

        After you register, you will be guided through a short process to set up a web page that allows viewers to see your information, photo, videos and at the same time download a coupon or discount to your company products and services. Some Business Participants may choose to not upload coupons or videos and that is perfectly ok. You will have the ability to change your coupon offerings as frequently as you choose.

        When you become a business participant, you have the opportunity to involve your staff in your participation. This is a perfect team building exercise. You and your staff will choose from 3 categories of people who are in need and have registered at B14; (individuals, military personnel and emergency personnel). The process is fun, quick and simple. Your participation will create a stronger bond between you and your employees, reinforce your positive public image, inspire others, and create life long memories. This is so simple to do but the impact on your business, employees, and the community will be so great.

Groups looking to attract new members, get noticed, or want a team building activity, this is it. You will get noticed, inspire others and create a bond with your members.

First, you register:
1) Register as a "Willing to Give" member, or “Individual” for free if you’re not a group or business.

Second, you start helping those in need:
1) You reach out to person or family through the B14 platform
2) Offer them the kind of support you desire to touch their lives with
3) Document the experience in a video form and upload it to your B14 page
4) The person you helped will add a written memo to your B14 page expressing their gratitude.
5) Your page will be emailed by viewers to their friends and family; the generosity of your business will be recognized by many.
6) Those that view your page will have the option to download your coupons and visit your store…

        Each month Believe 14 videos will get voted on and the most popular business will be named business of the month. At the end of the year the top 12 businesses will be voted on and one will become business of the year. The winner will then be able to choose a charity and or a person in need to receive a special gift in their name; the special gift/funds will be awarded the winner from Believe 14.

Note regarding monthly fees:

        Believe 14 will donate 50% of the profit and gives it away to help those in need from the B14 website. This is a great way to get your business noticed, help people in your community and maximize your time. The cost for your page is $40.00 a month. That is far less expensive than other advertising options which have no benefit to those in need, and can’t be change once submitted. By participating you expose yourself, your business, and your employees to a life changing opportunity. You can be part of something great, while appealing to a larger audience and increasing your customer base.

        On behalf of everyone at Believe 14, we sincerely want to thank you for your participation and look forward to all the memories we will create together. The people whose lives will be blessed, is only possible because of your direct participation.